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Sad Ice Cream

On most days
I have come to terms with
"Nut Intolerance."

It’s like a nut allergy
with a longer explanation.

No.  I won’t die.
But life will suck
for a while.

I ventured out

Seems safe enough

I had even glanced at the label
like always, in the store.

Not until I get home
I look closer

Oh…. what’s that?


(and for all of you saying “coconut doesn’t count as a nut!” Well, for me it does.  Trust me, I know.  It’s related to a pistachio, or something close enough to ruin my days if I eat it.)

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Across the Years; 2013-14

I’ll tell you the ending first:
I ran 101 miles
and got myself another Buckle.

Now for the dirty details:
aching legs
tired eyes
and swollen feet.

But also there were:sisters

All showing up to find out:
what could they do against
The Clock
Their Bodies

Your Own Mind.

Some dreamt of
Constant Forward Motion

Some dreamt of Miles

and personal highs and lows
were seen, felt
accomplishments met
fears, questions answered.

I left that dirt track with
an engraved glass
a belt buckle
friendships that couldn’t possibly
be forged
anywhere else on Earth

and that was January 1st.

Happy New Year.

Hour 24 - group! (New Years Eve, morning)

Me - I’m done!!

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My Autumn in The Forest

Went along one of my favorite stretches
the other day
I was feeling adventurous

A good trail
If I’m willing to spend some time
going deep into the forest

Remember this one?
In the spring it looks:

But it’s not spring anymore
not even summer

And things need this time
to die off
before regrowing

This is the

of autumn

Looking closely
I see life in
it all.

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Uh-Oh. Body Image Talks.

So basically she says:
we need to be happy with our bodies
if they work for us.

And I remember so many days
of my life
of running through the desert
counting “calories burned”
letting others look at me

But then one day I realized:
This body lets me do much
Allows me to be free
and Alive
and accomplish
Unimaginable Things.

So I’m thankful for every part
that has allowed me to be
the Best Me.

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